HALT Takes Up Safety Challenges in Durbanville CBD

On 12 July 2017 our company made a commitment to partner with SAPS, Law Enforcement and the Durbanville business community by implementing a dedicated armed response vehicle patrolling the CBD 24/7.

With an increase in security presence and visibility HALT aims to discourage crime, focus on known crime hotspots, endeavor to identify suspicious persons and behavior, share intelligence with SAPS and Law Enforcement, and of course, respond to alarms in minimum time.

Local Durbanville businesses and their clients, or any HALT client finding them self in the CBD can now phone our vehicle direct on 081 018 7893 and request security support when they are harassed, feel threatened or notice something suspicious.

This initiative illustrates HALT’s drive to a more pro-active and preventative security approach, rather than remaining re-active. It also means HALT is drawing a much wider circle of protection. You can now rely on our support not only when you are at home, but also when out-and-about in town.

The next step in our 3 point plan is to equip our CBD armed response vehicle with a mobile LPR camera, and the 3rd step will be to provide an app persons can down load and use as a panic button on their phones. HALT will be able to identify your exact location and come to your aid. For the future we foresee two dedicated armed response vehicles in the CBD and at least 4 security officers on foot patrol specially trained for the task.