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Best Security Company In The Northern Suburbs

Sean Cederquist


Halt Durbanville…You guys ROCK… Super fast alert service… Grootfontein Farm Klipheuwel Road…

Freedom Stables

Thank you for good service. There is one exception of excellent service:
Mr. Horton is not only doing a good job, but he really cares about people and takes pride in his job. He is one in a million and is worth more than a million. I pray that he may never leave our area. He makes it a pleasure to have HALT Security as our service provider. May God send us more of his quality? Keep up the good work.

Louis Meyer

Thank you for the feedback and the good service.

The installation was handled very professionally. They took good care of making the installation blend in with rest of the office.

Russel was very thorough with the handover and very willing to assist with any requests. The communication during the installation process was also very live and professional.

Thank you for delivery of a good service. You can be proud of the service level delivered.

Frik O’Callaghan

A first class armed response service as well as great technical abilities. Nice work.

Adrian Hanekom

By far the best Armed Response Company in Durbanville. Thank you for always being willing to go the extra mile, we couldn’t ask for a better unit to keep our family safe.

Nicole Retief

Good Day, I live in Boston and I am not a client of yours but I would like to thank Halt Security, Mr. Lee (HALT OFFICER) from your company who knocked on my door last night, to inform me of my vehicle inside light being on, I am sure if I left it on, my car battery would have been flat this morning, so thank to Mr. Lee (Halt Officer) for informing me. Please forward me an application to sign up for Armed Response as soon as possible.

Altus van Niekerk